Children at the Well

Children at the Well

Youth Storytellers for Peace & Understanding

Our Mission

To increase capacity for intercultural understanding, build diverse community connections and grow compassionate leaders through the art of storytelling.

Marsha Lazarus interviewed Paula Weiss, Children at the Well co-founder, on January 12, 2023 for Hudson Mohawk Magazine, Sanctuary Radio.

In the Children at the Well program, young people from many different traditions learn the art of storytelling together. They explore the riches of their heritage and share them with each other. They choose or create stories to tell that they feel a deep connection to. As they become proficient storytellers they’re given opportunities to present to audiences of all sizes. Family members, friends, and neighbors are drawn into the program in a variety of ways and it becomes intergenerational.

"This was the first time in my life I didn’t feel like an outsider in any group.​"

--- Rishi ---

In the same way that every village has its sources of water, every culture has its poetry and teachings. Young people are drawn to explore these teachings and learn where they come from, and they want to make their own mark upon the world. The “well” in our name can be seen as a metaphor for the depths of our traditions, for the depths inside each of us, and for the search to find a more authentic and pure inner expression.

This Season at C@W

Children at the Well Story Coach Stephanie Ward describes the C@W program and answers questions about the upcoming season.